About Apple’s huge pile of cash…

TANG’s own Juston Payne puts together the case that America’s largest corporation should strategically invest in Twitter, in order to avoid a situation in which Apple’s suppliers gain too much power. Give it a read, and let him know what you think… 

Source: www.dvwlr.com “Will Apple Buy Twitter?”


A Call For Sanity

By Nathaniel Wydra

Apple sells about 5 different things, all of which are basically computers that vary only by their level of portability. But they aren’t THAT different. (In case you were wondering, my ordering goes: Mac, Apple TV, MacBook, iPad, iPhone… who really cares about iPods anymore?) Apple is vastly successful in selling these products and I don’t begrudge them their profits one bit.

So I understand why people were skeptical when Apple opened up retail stores in 2001. And remember, this was about 10 years ago when only three of those products even existed. But look at those stores today; they’re great. They’re sleek, shiny and are marvels of modern architectural design. I could live in one. Ron Johnson, the former head of Apple’s retail stores, left to turn around J. C. Penney as its new CEO. But let’s be honest, they’re just stores. With not a whole lot in them but five products and corresponding accessories.

You’ll imagine my surprise, then, when the WSJ reports that 2,500 people were waiting in line to see the new Apple store in Grand Central Station. One enterprising individual showed up at 9:44am. That’s 9:44am on THURSDAY, a day before the opening. Another was a retired man from California who was there from noon Thursday in order to see his 31st Apple store opening.

I know that we’ve got 8.6% unemployment in this country and some people just don’t have anything better to do. That the former Econ major in me knows that the real rate of unemployment is vastly higher doesn’t help my case. I know it’s the holiday pepper spray season and you just HAVE TO get that gift for your special someone. But there are more important things out there than seeing the Apple store on Day 1. Go to the gym. Visit a loved one. Read a book. There are 4 other stores in a 2.5 mile radius from Grand Central, and all of them are probably sitting (relatively) empty behind the shadow of the Grand Central store. Calm down. You’ll see the shiny new store soon enough. Let it go people, let it go.

Sources: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203413304577088201456063374.html

Nathaniel Wydra grew up in New York and graduated from Northwestern University in 2007 with a B.A in Economics. After college he worked for Source Interlink Media’s magazine portfolio, managing subscriber acquisition marketing initiatives and CRM. He is currently pursuing his MBA with a specialization in Entertainment, Media and Technology (EMT) and Corporate Finance. This summer, he was the MBA Analytics Intern at Major League Baseball Advanced Media. He is excited to be serving on the TANG Board and working with his fellow technology- and new media-focused students.

TANG Talks is a series of opinion pieces by Officers of NYU Stern’s Technology and New Media Group, providing a range of perspectives on issues and developments in the technology and new media industry.


TANG Talks Series: Steve Jobs Leaves a Mark on a 27-Year Old MBA Student, in Addition to Millions of Others

TANG Talks is a new series of original opinion pieces by Officers of NYU Stern’s Technology and New Media Group. Posted on Sundays, they provide a range of perspectives on issues and developments in the technology and new media industry. Be sure to check them out each week!  

Steve Jobs Leaves a Mark on a 27-Year Old MBA Student, in Addition to Millions of Others

By Jason Stokar

This past Wednesday - October 5th, 2011 - the tech community lost one of its forefathers: Steven Paul Jobs.  As I sit and write this blog entry on my MacBook Pro while listening to the new Feist album on iTunes, I can’t help but think about how Apple has shaped my life ever since I was a young child.  Steve Jobs had a remarkable career, unquestionably, and many wonderful articles have taken us through his most pivotal moments.

In this post, however, I wanted to give a more personal perspective of Apple’s role in my life:

Late 1980’s - Early 1990’s: I sit in my basement for hours on my family’s Apple II GS playing Arkanoid, The Three Stooges and Marble Madness.  I have no problem knocking out the first 4 mazes in Marble Madness, and can get through the fifth with some difficulty, but can’t seem to finish the sixth level.  It was my first experience with video games and I thought, as a young child, that this was the sole purpose for a computer.

Early 2000’s: I arrive at NYU as an 18-year old Film student and purchase a PowerMac G3 desktop so I can get optimal use of FinalCut Pro.  It’s my first ever personal computer, and the aesthetics are amazing.   My life revolves around this machine.  It is like a child to me.

2004: After carrying a cd-wallet and discman to and from class for almost 2 years, I buy my first iPod - 20GB, third generation.  I fall in love.  It seems like it was invented for me.  I quickly get all my music on the ipod (which I named “turtle” after an Alana Davis song) and use it to run across the Brooklyn Bridge at night.  My life from this point was never the same.  I have owned about 10 ipods (classics, touch, shuffles, mini) since 2004.

2010: I enter Stern as an MBA student.  I know that most students have a PC but I am stubborn and keep my Mac, thus blocking my access to the Citrix system and programs like MiniTab.  I don’t care.  I love my Mac.  I love how user-friendly it is.  I love how beautiful the graphics are on the display.  I love how music/art focused it is.  I love the smell of the Apple store.  

I am a Mac.

RIP Steve Jobs.  You are legend.

Jason Stokar has been in New York City for over 9 years and holds a Bachelors of Music from New York University. He loves dogs, particularly his adopted mutt, Stella a/k/a Belle Peppers a/k/a Flops Monroe. He was a Director in the licensing department of EMI Music Group prior to coming to Stern.

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So far 8 has received a positive response, but it has also been less than 48 hours.  Ballmer has a tough job ahead of convincing shareholders that he can improve this.   


Within four months, Google is planning to pay for stores in New York and San Francisco to install thousands of VeriFone cash-register systems that will be able to accept payments from mobile phones equipped with near-field-communication technology, insiders say.

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Apple is opening a pop-up store for two weeks in Austin to coincide with SXSW.  Should be selling iPad 2s and other products, but no Halloween costumes.

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Demand for Android App Engineers > Demand for iPhone App Engineers

Bloomberg Businessweek.com, analyzing online job board Dice.com, reported that this past week the demand for software engineers skilled in making apps for Google’s Android mobile-operating system exceeded that of developers for Apple’s iPhone. 

Granted, it was close…

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Microsoft Continues Playing Tortoise to Apple’s, Google’s Hare with Tablet Operating System

According to people with knowledge of the plans (likely a company or PR rep), Microsoft will not be releasing a Windows-based tablet until mid-2012.  Its delay will only allow Apple and Google to strengthen their position in the tablet operating systems market.

Michael Gartenberg, an analyst for research firm Gartner Inc., noted that by the time Microsoft comes out with its tablet, it will likely be competing with Apple’s third-generation iPad and second and third versions of devices running Google’s Android-based system, as well as second-generation HP and Rearch in Motion tablets.

Microsoft Said to Plan Windows Release for Tablets in 2012 [Bloomberg Businessweek.com]